Verse 1:
So this is what it sounds like
Now I know
So this is what it feels like
To let go
I know that I can do this
If you show me how
To escape my worries
And get lost in the now

And when I fear this
I know it will be fine
Cause I can feel this
I want you to be mine
And it scares me
But it’s so much better than
The emptiness before
So let’s take this
One step ahead
And let’s make this
A time we won't forget
Cause without it
We were just floating
In the emptiness before
Oh Oh

Verse 2:
So this is why I can't sleep
My thoughts won’t stop
It used to be so easy
Staring at the clock
I’m so scared of the journey
I don't know what's ahead
But I don’t want to hurry
Slow and steady, take my hand


The sun rose, the sun rose, the clouds are drifting away x3
The sun rose, the sun rose, the sun, the sun, the sun, the sun