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  1. You Don't Want To


Verse 1:
You take me by the hand
And you paint me in your head
And the picture is flawless
I stand silent in the frame
With every look I go insane
I’m not meant to be so lifeless

Been on a guilt trip towards your destination
But it’s time to get off at the next station

You’re blinded by the light
And afraid of the truth that comes out at night
You’re deafened by the noise
That blocks out the sound of the beating of your heart
And all I ever wanted was to know what you felt and what you thought
But you don’t even know yourself at all
And you don’t want to, you don’t want to
Not at all

Verse 2:
You let go of my hand
And I know I’m not in your head
You don’t want to quit your game
Your lines are well rehearsed
And you’re bringing out my worst
It’s time to put out this flame


And then I realize that my mind has been living abroad
And with that conversation the map had unfolded
Now I know I’m running out of patience so when I reach that station I’ll run
On my own

Chorus x2